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Ranch Advantage is a way for you to make your ranch more manageable and profitable.  We provide ranch services for a fraction of the cost of traditional management, and help you utilize the natural resources of your property in the most efficient manner. We believe that if you focus on properly managing the grass, the grass will take care of your livestock and wildlife.

We can be involved on your property in several ways:

  1. Bullet Full Time Care-turn key management plan ideal for absentee owners and operators that are busy with other obligations. Can include a range of services from Herd Management to Wildlife Conservation.

  1. Bullet Partial Management- we can manage regular scheduled tasks on your ranch such as rotating cattle or fence repair.

  1. BulletProject Management- can include a variety of services from building a new facility, branding, vaccinating, and weaning, to name a few.

Rotating cattle at Madonna Ranch

What is Ranch Advantage?

"They make your herd a priority, and they are  conscientious about their work.

That's a rare quality anymore."


-Aaron Lazanoff

       Cal Poly University

Beef Operations Manager